How to get Palworld Ancient Technology Points

What is Palworld?

Pals carrying ingots as part of a production line. Furnaces can be seen in the background

(Image credit: Pocketpair)

Palworld is a survival game with Pokémon-like catching and battling mechanics built in. The key difference is that the monsters, or Pals, can use weapons and be assigned to help work in your Bases. Defeating Pals will drop resources like Wheat and Pal Fluids, which can then be used for base building.

Palworld Ancient Technology Points are a resource you’ll run into after setting your sights on your first boss. They’re used to unlock special Ancient recipes, that are essential if you want to survive in certain biomes and increase your Base level.

Different Pals drop different resources when defeated in Palword, the new survival game that’s already breaking records on Game Pass and Steam. Ancient Technology Points are one of the rarest, given that you can only get them by seeking bosses out in the open world.