The most crucial part of a relationship is how you spend time with your partner, and we must admit that this has a direct bearing on the future of the relationship.

After all, it’s the memories that we make during the subsistence of a relationship that determines if we’re going to get that ring on our finger!

The fact that partners are always together is not enough to keep the relationship strong and healthy. It is what you do during this time.

Quality time is about getting to know your partner and expressing love physically.

So what other ways can you spend quality time with your partner? In this piece, I am going to share some of the activities I find fun and you and your partner can try them too.

Visiting Museums

What better way is there to spend your Sunday afternoon than visiting a Museum.

There are many types of museums to visit, from archaeological sites to art museums to military and war museums. Where you choose will of course depend on your taste and location.

Talk about the lighting, the cool breeze, and the arts showcased, the silence, just the perfect setting to relax and have some uninterrupted time.

You can get to talk about anything as you and your partner move around. The ultimate way to spend quality time with your partner if you ask me.

As a bonus, you can also get to learn new facts about the place you are visiting, e.t.c.

How cool is that!


One of the best and widely underrated ways to spend quality time with your partner is cooking meals together.

It’s known that certain foods increase dopamine (“pleasure neurotransmitters”) which makes people happy.

Generally, food makes me happy, double the dose with a meal that contains the ‘happy hormone,’ add on that, sharing the meal with a person I love most. That, my friend, is extra happiness.

Preparing a meal together forms a bond, a time to connect, use the time to know a little more about your partner.

A romantic date night meal at home can follow if everything goes as planned.

Trying New Things

Couples experience a great sense of happiness when they are spending quality time together.

As a way of bonding and trying to open up, partners should be open-minded about trying new things to spice up their relationship.

Recreate something you love doing alone and share the hobby with your partner.

Nothing more romantic than showing your partner you’re ready to share the things you love doing alone, together.


Another strong proponent of the Holiday traditions, I believe the festive should be celebrated with the people you love.

Sharing traditions strengthens a relationship. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with in-laws?

Meeting and getting to know your partner’s relatives at a personal level is every couple’s dream and is also a strong gesture on the progress of a relationship.

If visiting the other sides’ family isn’t your cup of tea, or rather your partner doesn’t find it comfortable, you can always go for a vacation.

Ultimately, spending your vacation at the beach or a get-away place builds the relationship in many ways, I’m certain every couple out there is eager to spend Holidays and Vacations together.

You can choose to plan your holiday together or even so, choose a vacation company to do that for you, saving you the stress of planning a vacation.

If you opt for the latter, then consider reading some Holiday Companies online reviews.

It will help you know what companies to avoid and what to go for, especially with prices and the customer service in general.

Yoga and skincare.

Among other benefits of Yoga, is reducing stress levels.

Spending quality time with your partner should be a top priority for people with stress-related skin conditions. Skincare is another way to combine with yoga.

However, when it comes to skincare, I should caution you of the products being put out there for sale.

Do a careful analysis, read reviews, ask your friends what product is best or recommendable, check the ingredients used to avoid harmful ingredients on your skincare.

Also, read not just the product reviews but also the store’s reviews. For example, one such store to find skincare products is Give Me Cosmetics, you check Give Me Cosmetics reviews.

To sum up, having quality time with your partner isn’t rocket science and it all comes up to what you and your partner decide.

You could also hit the gym together, go for walks, play video games, go to the movies, and many more.

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