An interesting finding from the couples relationship index survey released by a company called Pru Life UK is a couple from the Philippines, including the most intimate partner in Asia. The survey was conducted recently in the form of online interviews with 5,000 respondents in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The research targets, measuring the state of partner relationships in Asia, how much they love each other and build intimate relationships.

About 87 percent of Filipino couples say “I love you” to their partners every week, while 68 percent do it every day.

As many as 87 percent of Filipino couples are the most intense couples having sex in Asia. The intimacy that exists is influenced by their involvement before the marriage takes place.
More than three-quarters (76 percent) of couples plan financially together and 84 percent talk about their future, for more information : Philippine brides,filipino women,philippines dating

Parental influence

The survey index claims, partner intimacy is also influenced by parents. Parents are a supporting factor for good relations. About 90 percent of parents say they give advice to children about relationships to the opposite sex at least once a week.

The influence of parents on partner intimacy has the highest rate of 43 percent in Asia.

In addition, 75 percent of parents say, bonding with their children is considered valuable. A total of 87 parents help their children do their homework every week.

Friendly personality

Other supporting factors, the couple’s personality is not only fun but more friendly.

Surveys prove Filipino respondents give a score of 50 out of 100. The score is the highest in the Asian region. They are happy to spend more time with a partner.

They are also friendly to friends and include the most BFF (Best Female Friends) service users.

Adult support

All problems that occur between Filipino couples can be solved with the help of an adult. Adults also support couples in large families. Even financial matters can be helped.

As many as 80 percent of Filipino couples believe their other parents in the family will save in the household matter.

Meanwhile, 67 percent of couples think their other family members will come to help with household problems.

Rarely argue

For the sake of maintaining intimacy, Filipino couples often kiss, laugh, and make love. About 35 percent of them claimed to argue with their partners only once a week. The debate that occurs is usually a matter of money.

Apart from money, the habits of couples who like to spend too much time into debate. The survey found that 41 percent of their partners did not give enough attention, while 37 percent complained that their partners spent too much time on the computer or telephone.

In fact, 24 percent think their partners are sometimes more interested in cellphones than spending time together.

This study adds, bad habits like drinking or smoking often lead to sparring partners.

The key to a successful relationship

Overall, the index of intimacy relations in the Philippines scored 79 percent. Of all Asian countries surveyed, the level of relationship satisfaction was on average 68 percent.

When concluded, the key to successful Filipino couple relationships, namely enjoying activities together, respecting each other’s individuality, being honest, having a pleasant and smiling personality, and being easy to get along with.

This research also shows, not to let digital devices interfere with one’s personal relationship with a partner.

Especially if your partner is ready to propose to you. Try to convince yourself with a few tips before marrying him.
Financial Condition Ready

Financial condition is one source of doubt when deciding to get married. You are afraid, whether your financial condition and your current partner can support your married life in the future. Or maybe you are afraid that you two’s finances are not enough to be able to support a small family later.

If indeed the reality is you and your partner do not have a stable financial condition, not yet established, it’s better to hold the desire to get married. Don’t be in a hurry to decide. Instead of you and your partner fighting over money, it’s better to balance the financial condition first.

Ready to Express Each Other

When you become a married couple, you and your partner must be able to establish good communication to avoid misunderstanding. Better before marriage, take the time to express each other’s wishes after marriage later. For example regarding the division of household tasks, the problem of paying, or other things that you are chasing. Make a commitment to agree and live it. If you have been compromised before marriage, you become calmer and not surprised after marriage.

Getting Married Is Not Due To Coercion

Think about it, do you want to get married because you are ready and sincere? Or do you want to get married because of negative reasons, such as being consumed by the desire to see another friend get married, the insistence of a spouse or parent, also because of shame about the environment? If you get married because you have to, it’s better not to continue. Get married because you want it to be sincere from the heart, not because of coercion from the outside world. Because you’re the one who will run your married life, not anyone else around you.

Your reason for choosing a partner

Sometimes, women get caught in the wrong relationship, or with the wrong person. However, he did not realize it. Until finally he got married, only then realized that his married life did not make him happy. Therefore, before marriage, try to bring back your reasons for choosing a partner as your life companion. Why did you choose it? Is it because he really makes you happy, can make you laugh, and he fits your criteria? Or do you choose it because you can’t live without him, don’t want to be alone, and are afraid of being seen as unsold? Think carefully before you marry him.

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