Some elderly people prefer to stay home a lot. They  might be scared of falling, or they just do not feel the need to go outside anymore. You would love to see them healthy for as long as they can, so you decided to help him or her with that. Here are some nice ways to help elderly people to stay fit.

Take a walk in nature

Nature has a positive effect on the human mind. It makes you feel more relaxed. Take a senior person with you on a walk through the forest. He or she will probably love it. If he or she cannot walk that well anymore, you can push the wheel chair. Just watch his or her face, you can probably tell that he or she will feel so much better after a great afternoon in the nature.

Indoor cycling

When it is not an option to walk outside with a senior person, you could put a hometrainer inside his or her living room. Point it towards the television and the older person probably does not even notice that he or she is cycling. It is good for the blood vessels, nerves and muscles. If a big hometrainer is not an option, you could also buy a so called chair bike, which is a machine that only has the pedals of a bicycle. You can put it underneath the chair of a senior person.

Measure the body values

When using one of the segmental body composition scales, you can measure many body values of the senior person that you are taking care of. You can measure the fat percentage, the metabolic age, the heart rate, the muscle mass and muscle quality, the weight, the BMI and the physique score, amongst others. With this scale, it is a good way to keep an overall view on the health of the senior person. Do you own a gym and are there a lot of senior persons visiting your gym? That is great. You are facilitating an area where elderly people can meet each other and work on their health at the same time. Especially for the senior persons professional gym scales can be of use. Do you not own a gym yourself, but would you like a senior person to workout at the gym? Ask if you can use their professional scale to measure all the body values. Maybe you could work-out together to make it more fun!

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