People ignore small body issues that do not appear serious at the beginning. Problems such as having ingrown toenails can become traumatizing when left unattended for some time. It is important to feel comfortable while walking since you will enjoy your walk around and even wear your favorite pair of shoes. However, when you have an ingrown toenail problem, moving from one place to the other becomes a challenge. People have struggled with this problem since they have little or no information on the available remedies to this problem. Getting a good ingrown toenail Bakersfield specialist may be daunting. However, Diabetic Foot and Wound Center team has experience treating your ingrown toenail problem, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Here are some treatment methods available for your ingrown toenail.

Lifting Your Nail

When you have an ingrown toenail, it becomes very painful as it penetrates your skin. The nail may grow inside the skin, which may cause your toenail to swell and even bleed. However, for a slightly ingrown nail, the doctor may lift the edge of your nail and place some cotton under it to prevent it from penetrating the skin and causing more damage. The nail can grow well above the skin within a few weeks. Your doctor will guide you on maintaining the nail daily by cleaning and replacing the cotton to keep it safe.

Placing A Gutter Splint Under the Nail

This method involves a scenario where the doctor slips a tiny tube under the nail. They will first numb your toe so that you may not feel pain during the procedure. The splint remains under the nail until it grows above the skin’s edge. This procedure helps minimize the pain while the nail continues growing. Once the nail grows, the split can be removed, and the nail can be monitored to ensure it maintains its normal growing shape. It is shaped so that you will not have the problem recur again.

Removing The Nail Tissue

This option involves removing some nail tissue that accelerates the growth rate of your nail in the wrong direction. This happens when your nail repeatedly grows, inflicting pain and damaging the toenail. Removing a portion of your nail and the tissues around it prevents that part from growing back. The doctor performs surgery by numbing your toe and using chemicals or a laser to remove tissues and part of your nail.

Remove The Nail

When you have a severely grown toenail that affects your toe, causing inflamed skin and pain pus, the doctor may recommend the removal of your nail. The doctor will numb your toe and perform minor surgery to remove your nail completely. This will help treat your toe and minimize the pain. The nail will then grow again better than it was. The pain and swelling will disappear, and the nail will have a normal shape.

Your nails are essential organs of the body and help support your movement. They are a part of body balancing and therefore require utmost care. When you have ingrown toenails, you will experience discomfort and may be unable to wear a pair of shoes. If you have this problem, Diabetic Foot and Wound Center team has a remedy for you. They will examine and treat your problem to offer you your desired comfort. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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