You might treat the discoloration on the feet as a cosmetic issue, but they indicate underlying vascular issues. The discoloration occurs when blood pools in the legs leading to the loss of hemoglobin, resulting in a red or purple color. Moreover, the veins become more visible as they hold more blood than they would if they were healthy. The discoloration results from spider veins Warner Robins which occurs when the valves on the veins malfunction or due to low blood pressure. Additionally, the blood flow in the legs might be affected by the presence of cholesterol in the veins. These are tips for dealing with spider veins

Exercise Frequently

Exercising might eliminate many health issues and work well for spider veins. It reduces discoloration and promotes blood flow from the legs to the heart. During the exercises, the calf muscles will exert and release pressure from the veins. The action of compression will push the blood up against gravity, improving the spider veins’ appearance.

Unfortunately, most people work in environments that don’t promote exercise. Therefore you should avoid sitting for an extended time and take breaks to increase blood flow. Alternatively, you would choose an ergonomic chair and stretch often.

Lose Weight

Weight gain is associated with joint issues as the excess weight exerts pressure on the knee and ankle joints. Additionally, the added pressure will affect the veins preventing effective blood flow to the heart. Therefore, you should eat healthy food and exercise to reduce excess weight.

Use Compression Stockings

Your cardiologist will recommend compression stockings to deal with the spider veins as they exert the right pressure on the veins promoting weight loss. You may opt for over-the-counter stockings or customize stockings to suit your needs.

Elevate the Legs

Spider veins become worse if the blood continues pooling on the feet and might develop into extreme venous insufficiency. Therefore you should promote blood flow by manipulating gravity. You would use a pillow to elevate the feet as it allows the blood to flow freely to the heart. Although this is a temporary solution, you will achieve the desired outcome if you incorporate other practices, such as weight loss and compression stockings.


Surgery could be the last option for spider veins, but it reduces the appearance of the veins and prevents the issue from spreading to the nearby veins. For instance, you might opt for minimally invasive sclerotherapy, which injects an adhesive fluid into the spider veins sealing off the affected veins from the circulatory system. Once the affected veins are sealed off, they will die, preventing future issues. Additionally, you would opt for surgeries that cut off the affected veins from the circulatory system

Visible and discolored veins may appear as a cosmetic issue but indicate serious issues like spider veins. The spider veins might become venous insufficiency when left untreated. Thus, you should opt for home remedies and medical interventions to deal with discoloration. First, begin with exercises as the calf muscles can push the blood from the legs to the upper body. Then use compression stockings which exert the right pressure on the feet, promoting effective blood flow. Finally, opt for minimally invasive procedures to prevent the spider veins from developing into venous insufficiency.

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