• The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers various fitness features like activity tracking, heart rate tracking, and sleep quality tracking, but it lacks the same extensive fitness features and GPS tracking as Garmin models.
  • The design of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is timeless and it offers a range of health-related tracking systems, including sleep tracking. It remains a favorite Android smartwatch.
  • While the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic provides solid fitness tracking, it is not as advanced as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or Garmin watches, which offer more in-depth tracking options and better GPS accuracy. Some features require a Samsung phone.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers several fitness features, including activity level tracking, heart rate tracking, and even sleep quality. However, it does not offer the same breadth of fitness features and GPS tracking as seen in more focused models such as those by Garmin, and some features will require a Samsung phone to access.

The Samsung Galaxy 6 Classic is just about everything you could want in a classical-looking smartwatch, and there’s no doubt it will remain one of our favorite Android smartwatches in some capacity. The design is timeless, the features are plenty, and chief among those are a slew of health-related tracking systems, including the option to track your sleep.

While it does offer a solid basis for fitness tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic isn’t quite as hard of a hitter as more advanced fitness watches like the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, or the various GPS-accurate options offered by Garmin, both of which provide more in-depth tracking options for users to take advantage of.

How does the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic compare to other smartwatches with fitness tracking?


The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers detailed tracking for a number of things, including activity, sleep pattern, heart rate, and even body fat percentage. You can also set up automatic and manual tracking for various exercises, allowing you to fine-tune exactly what you want the watch to track and when.

Further, because the data is stored in Samsung’s Health App, the information about your fitness activities is private and secure, so you can rest easy knowing that nobody else has access to that information. Software support for Galaxy Watches has also been good in the past, so you can expect to see extended support for the Watch 6 Classic going forward, making it an easy investment to track your fitness activities for several years.

Samsung also added Advanced GPS to its watches with the release of the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup, which means Classic watch owners will be able to take advantage of that to help track swimming, cycling, or running activities. However, Watch 5 Pro users will note that the Watch 6 Classic does not offer any kind of GPX support, making the Watch 5 Pro the best way to take advantage of those types of routes on a Samsung watch.

The other downside is that some of the health features of the Watch 6 Classic require users to have a Samsung phone to take full advantage of them, which may be tricky for users who have devices from other manufacturers.

If you really want a great fitness tracker and smartwatch, options from Garmin include better navigation support, as well as stronger GPS accuracy and access to more in-depth tracking features as a whole, such as customizable exercises and more automatic tracking for specific exercises.

What activities can the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic track?


As noted above, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is capable of tracking several different activities, including sleep, swimming, cycling, and running, all with the press of a button. Additionally, the functionality for some of these tracking features has even been upgraded and revamped, allowing you to track them better without having to open your phone.

The included health sensors can also keep track of your heart rate during activities, allowing you to determine if you’re pushing yourself too hard. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic also supports more in-depth tracking for multi-stage workouts, which Garmin smartwatch users have taken advantage of for quite some time.

Ultimately, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a step forward for Samsung when it comes to closing the gap between it and more fitness-oriented smartwatches like those that Garmin offers. It isn’t quite there yet, but it should handle most – if not all – the daily fitness tracking that people throw at it.


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