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Adapted Fitness – Youth

A variety of fitness programs for youth with a disability ages 13-29. These programs will require an additional registration process to become eligible to participate.

Aquatic Fitness and Lane Swim

Aquatic fitness is a water-based fitness class. Equipment is provided. Find your nearest aquatic fitness location and schedule or reserve a spot online by visiting Swimming and Water Play.


This group of programs is suitable for all fitness levels, focusing on providing cardiovascular exercise that use large muscle groups. Classes may include music and dance movements to create an aerobic workout. Most classes will also include a muscle conditioning component. Small equipment may be used.

Programs may include:

  • Zumba
  • Boot Camp
  • Cardio Dance
  • Bollywood
  • Cardio Dance: Hip Hop

Drop-in: Walking/Running

Track Days and times may vary. Check with the facility you are interested in.

Drop-in: Weight Room/Fitness Centre

Access with a valid Fitness Centre or Weight Room membership or Drop-in Fee. Schedules, supervision levels and fitness equipment may vary between facilities. Please check the facility you are interested in.

Family Fitness

Classes are designed to encourage families to participate in physical activity together. Each individual must register for this class. Fees vary based on age.

Programs may include:

  • Yoga with Family
  • Fitness with Family
  • Fitness: Caregiver with Baby

Fitness – Early Child

Early child fitness classes are designed for children five years of age and younger. Classes include a warm-up, fundamental fitness movements and a cool-down.

Functional Fit

This group of programs is based on a training model which focuses on cardio and/or strength, aiming to improve every day movements through muscle control, balance, range of motion, and mobility.

Programs may include:

  • Functional Fit
  • Mobility and Strength: Chair

Muscle Conditioning

This group of programs is suitable for all fitness levels. Classes focus on muscle strengthening and endurance with no cardio component. Classes may be specific to certain areas of the body and may use equipment such as bars, stability balls, hand weights and exercise bands.

Programs may include:

  • Body Strength
  • Mobility and Strength: Chair
  • Stretch and Strength

Physical Therapy Programs – Fitness

This drop-in program is designed to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access physical therapy. Individuals will be required to provide a medical note issued by a medical practitioner with the prescribed activity stated. Applicable memberships apply. Visits are limited to 90 minutes.


Classes include exercises that focus on strengthening core muscle groups.

Required Equipment: Mat

Tai Chi

Enjoy the benefits of improved health, relief of stress and concentrated relaxation. Emphasis is on general health and fitness through the development of slow and controlled movements in a fixed sequence.

Various styles are offered which may include:

Walking Program

This group of walking programs is suitable for all fitness levels. Walking is a rewarding form of exercise. Join us for one of our many programs.

Programs may include:

  • Nordic Trail Walking
  • Outdoor Stroller Fit
  • Walk Fit

Wellness Program

This group of programs support overall health and a balanced lifestyle.

Programs may include partnerships with health practitioners and Indigenous programming.


Classes include exercises that focus on a series of postures promoting flexibility, specific breathing and relaxation techniques, while strengthening and toning muscles.

Various styles are offered, these may include:

  • Yoga/Pilates Fusion
  • Yoga: Power

Required Equipment: Mat


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