Living in a tropical country, you have to be smart in choosing the right clothes, including for this hijab user. When the weather is hot, wearing long and closed clothes is a challenge for hijab women. So choosing the right clothes should also be considered before leaving the house.

The mix-and-match of hijab clothing that is comfortable to wear and anti-hot during hot weather has its own trick. Come on, let’s look at the tips!

1. The key to staying comfortable in hot weather is to wear loose-fitting clothing such as oversized clothes. This is useful to avoid sweat sticking to clothes that make the body hot. Try to choose linen, cotton, or other materials that easily absorb sweat on the body.

2. T-shirts are best suited for hot weather. Even though it looks very simple, in fact t-shirts can give a relaxed look but also stay up-to-date. Just pair it with jeans and you add cuffs as your underwear, you know. In addition to protecting from the sun, hat accessories can also be an option to look more fashionable.

3. Rely on culottes too to look fashionable which is sure to stay comfortable. Instead of wearing tight jeans that make you feel hot, culottes are more suitable for use in hot weather. In addition to being more comfortable, these culottes also give you a freer stifling space. Unisma The model is also easy to mix and match with any top.

4. Don’t get me wrong, guys, a robe or tunic can also be your choice for  when the weather is hot. The key is to choose a tunic material that is light and also flowy. That way, you will stay cool and comfortable all day long.

5. Skirts can also be your mainstay. The wide model will feel cooler when used in hot weather. Choose a contemporary skirt model, such as a pleated skirt. Create a feminine style that is anti-hot!

Those are 5 tips for choosing clothes when the weather is hot, guys!