The rise of publicly accessible generative artificial intelligence tools has dominated conversations in both the media and executive conference rooms over the past year. While consumers and business leaders alike try to wrap their heads around the implications of this massive technological evolution, marketers and advertisers are enthusiastically embracing their roles as early adopters of generative AI.

Below, members of Forbes Agency Council share ideas for melding generative AI with content and campaigns in authentic ways to create unique marketing and advertising creatives. Read on for innovative and actionable insights into how brands can leverage AI to better reach target audiences.

1. Host Co-Creation Events

Hosting community events where participants co-create content with AI can be an exciting way to engage the audience. For instance, a brand could organize an event where people submit ideas or themes, and then AI generates creative interpretations of those concepts. This not only fosters community engagement, but also results in diverse and original content. – Azad Abbasi, Genius XR

2. Create Interactive Ads

Incorporating AI into interactive ads can create more engaging and immersive consumer experiences. For example, an AI-powered ad could change based on user interactions, or it could use augmented reality to blend the digital and physical worlds. – Cagan Sean Yuksel, Dreamspace

3. Revise Old Campaigns

Using generative AI is a great way to revise old campaigns for new audiences. Using AI to analyze successful blog articles, social media posts, ads, emails and more to create new content personas, for example, is one quick way to jump-start marketing team brainstorms and enable scalable results. – Vix Reitano, Agency 6B

4. Explore AI-Driven Interactive Experiences

AI-driven interactive experiences could involve chatbots, augmented reality or other interactive elements that enhance user engagement and provide a unique and memorable brand experience. By incorporating interactive elements, you can take a dynamic and multifaceted approach to your content marketing strategy. – Ivonna Young, The Lavender Agency

5. Craft Personalized Visuals And Dynamic Copy

Infuse generative AI into marketing by crafting personalized visuals and dynamic copy. Leverage AI to analyze user preferences and generate tailored content that resonates. Break free from clichés with AI-curated imagery and language, ensuring a fresh, engaging brand experience. – Ajay Prasad, GMR Web Team

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6. Give Content, Images And Video A Second Life

Generative AI can give content, images and video a second life—much like taking bits of salvaged glass to create a mosaic—transforming what may have been a relic (lackluster copy or an unusable or static image), reviving it, and turning it into something new and unique. A broken vase (old copy) may seem destined for the landfill, but with some creativity (AI), it can become a work of art. – Thomas Zawacki, Data Axle

7. Tailor Messaging For Target Audiences

With the appropriate prompts and information provided to it, generative AI can serve as a valuable starting point for uniquely tailored messaging for your target audience. At the same time, it is important to realize that AI in its current form is just a tool, and overreliance on it could actually take away from your brand recognition, authenticity and consistent messaging. – Bahram Moshrefnoory, Rizer Technology Solutions

8. Do The Research Behind Content

One of the most powerful ways generative AI can be used for content is not in the creation of it, but to do the research behind it. Not doing this is truly a missed opportunity, as AI can provide you with unrealized perspectives on a topic or interest. This can lead to new opportunities for creating content that connects with the motivations of your audience. – Roger Hurni, Off Madison Ave

9. Customize Visuals To Mirror Brand Aesthetics

Incorporating generative AI into content creation offers the opportunity to introduce inventive and distinct marketing and advertising assets, including visuals and graphics crafted to align with your brand. AI-generated visuals can be customized to mirror specific brand aesthetics, resulting in a cohesive appearance across marketing materials. – Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, Hawthorne Advertising

10. Crunch User Data To Get Relevant Ideas

Use a secure generative AI tool to crunch real user data and return relevant, personalized ideas about product recommendations, visual enhancements, unique promotional offers, video storyboards, image descriptions and even chatbot interactions that are personalized based on your unique user data. Just remember to vet the ideas AI generates against your brand strategy and customer insights. – Mary Ann O’Brien, OBI Creative

11. Create Backgrounds For Photos

Generative AI can be a super fun way to create creative backgrounds for photos and other graphical elements to share on social media—and it’s much quicker than using traditional tools. – Jodi Amendola, Amendola Communications

12. Enhance Mundane Campaign Elements

Creative professionals have the essential skills to understand brands and their corresponding audiences. Generative AI can provide foundational ideas that these professionals can breathe life into. The creative process is not linear—AI provides an avenue for this process to unfold. It enhances the mundane, facilitating one-of-a-kind campaigns. – Brock Murray, seoplus+

13. Analyze Your Competitors

Instruct AI to analyze top competitors, examine their traffic-generation methods, and create a blueprint from the insights. Curate content based on these findings. AI aids in generating a content plan as well, serving as a roadmap for your strategy. Remember, AI lacks the human touch. To truly stand out, meticulously edit your content, infusing it with relatable elements. – Qamar Zaman, KISSPR Brand Story Press Release Distribution

14. Create Outlines To Use As A Starting Place

Generative AI is a great tool to use to generate ideas and outlines to use as a starting place. We can get stuck using the same ideas over and over again, whereas AI has essentially unlimited ideas and access to other businesses in the industry. Therefore, it is an excellent source to get an idea from, whether it be for copy or graphics, and then craft it to fit the brand. – Trey Robinson, Story Amplify


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