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Government Public Procurement, B2G: An Opportunity To Bid

When a government agency purchases supplies, goods, and services, it is called Government Procurement. Bid proposals are announced to private business sectors for them to provide the service or supplies needed by the government. If interested, the private business sector then responds by complying the documents needed and present their bid. After validation and deliberation, the lowest bidder among those that made the bid will get the contract. This is the formal process as mandated by the law.

Whenever government procurement is in line, a large amount of budget is always allocated in it. That is the reason many private sectors are eyeing on what the governments’ needs are. There is anyhow a wide range of services and supplies that the government may need. Hence, a bidding process is made to ensure the government gets the best deal. Income is certain that when a contract to provide service or good to the government is won. If you have just started venturing out to deal with government procurement, then you are already behind among those that have established already. So, how can a person, especially with a small business find an opportunity to secure a contract from the government? Here are a few reminders that may help and that can be made a reference.

Orient yourself with the laws of engagement within the government and learn as much as you can.

Make a checklist of what specifications or instructions the government had set in providing the services.

Be quick to grab opportunities and be attentive to government offers. Keep an eye to government offers for enhancements and trainings where the company can benefit from.

Invest in attending government expos’, trade fairs and the likes that may help in opening opportunities.

Aim to be abreast with other private business sectors and play a healthy competition.

Have a list of agencies in the government that can use the services you offer, start establishing connections and to work your way in securing a contract.

Enhance the company’s capability and refutation by engaging in beneficial training because there is no limit or restrictions to learning.

Having a government mentor will be a plus and a guide especially in decision making. Work according to your pace and don’t compromise time.

To get the initial contract will be the hardest but will become a stepping stone to get the next. Build rapport and be consistent in meeting deadlines. As this will be part of the deciding factor and a plus points nonetheless should you get next round of contract.

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