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Alternative Medicine; Careers to Consider.

Alternatives to conventional medicine
can be used to treat illnesses and pains. Herbs, roots and spices are some other natural and alternative healing practices that have been used in the past. Practicing in alternative medicine and therapy is a legit career and does not make one a quack. There are alternative careers in medicine that you can engage in.

One can take up a career as a chiropractor. Chiropractors treat skeletal problems in the back, hips and neck using a procedure known as adjustment. Adjustments by chiropractors can be done using a machine or hands. An adjustment session can be done several times in a month depending on the problem to be fixed. You can learn more about skeletal treatments from the Harshman Chiropractic page. To start a career as a chiropractor will not require you to have a bachelor’s degree in many states. You will however need a Doctor of Chiropractic degree to get a license to practice. With your license you can now start looking for a job.

You can also practice alternative medicine as a dietician or nutritionist. A dietician is a professional and they will require certification to practice. Nutritionists on the other hand, do not require licensing or certification to refer to themselves as nutritionists. The duties of dieticians and nutritionists are similar. They help patients to improve their health by incorporating healthy foods in their diets. A degree is a requirement for one to be certified as a dietician. Nutritionists do not require a degree as they do not need to be certified.

Massage therapy is another practice in alternative medicine. Massage therapy is a relaxation treatment for people with tired and achy muscles. For one to be a massage therapist they will need an associate’s degree and be certified. Massage therapy affords a therapist the flexibility to work from anywhere they feel.

The Chinese practice of acupuncture is another career in alternative medicine. Acupuncture involves poking points on the skin using needles. The poking is meant to unblock energy channels in the body to ease pain or discomfort. You will require a science related bachelor’s degree to start a career in acupuncture. You will then attend a school accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and graduate with a master’s degree.

Homeopathy is another career in alternative medicine. Homeopaths treat illnesses using the law of smililars. Herbs that would harm a healthy person are administered to a patient in homeopathy. The law of similar states that if a remedy can hurt a healthy person, it can also heal a sick person.

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