Possibly the Best Vape Taste

My friend and I are always looking forward to the new vape flavors as they come out. We started off by using the fruity flavors, and although they’re great, we wanted to move onto something new, so we tried pretty much everything we could find online. The newest thing that we’ve gotten is a CBD hemp oil vape flavor. We hadn’t tasted anything like that before, so we really had nothing to compare it to, but we were willing to give it a try and keep using it if it tasted well. My friend is the more adventurous one between us, so he went first.

Once my friend took a taste of the vape flavor, he was in love with it. He couldn’t get a enough of it, and I had to get him to stop so he wouldn’t use it all. Once I tried it, it was like I had gone into vape heaven. The flavor played greatly on my taste buds, and it was like there was some kind of party in my mouth and I had to invite more guests. I quickly understood what my friend was experiencing. That whole day, we kept tasting the vape until it was entirely gone.

We had to order more of the flavor, and we were so anxious that we paid for overnight shipping. We never do that, because it’s always too expensive to pay for that kind of shipping, but we didn’t care. While we were waiting for the vape to arrive, we went through some of our old vape flavors and they just couldn’t compare to the CBD vape that we tried. It was like giving a person crackers when they ask for cookies. As soon as the next delivery of vape came, we did the same thing that we did the previous day.