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Health Benefits of Melatonin in the Body

Melatonin is a hormone found in the pineal gland of your body. melatonin is known for its work in promoting the normal sleep wake cycle as well as regulating body biological cloak. Countless works are done by the melatonin in the body that are of huge benefits. Decreased amounts of melatonin in the body, may pose a great danger to your body. Having a healthy immune system is every person’s wish and melatonin in the body helps you achieve that. This article shows the benefits involved with melatonin in the body.

Patients with insomnia have excessive trouble in sleeping and staying asleep and are overly anxious. This means that the concentration of melatonin in their body is adversely minimal compared to people who are able to have normal sleep. Melatonina helps promote sleep helping patients with insomnia go to sleep and stay asleep for long Melatonina treats anxiety and anxiety related disorders like bipolar disorder as it promotes serenity and a feeling of coolness.

Melatonin also protects the brain from increased inflammation that may create amplified cranial pressure. Most shocking brain injuries and neurological diseases have been treated with melatonin. Cognitive dysfunction is a condition that can be prevented by the use of melatonin by averting leakage of blood to the brain.

Melatonin promotes eye development and health. The retina part of the eye is responsible for the production on melatonin. The main reason for this is for the retina to receive light and transform it to signals. This assists the brain with optical awareness since the lights aid the cells to generate melatonin. Eye related diseases such as glaucoma are kept at bay with the beneficial aid of melatonin.

Another health benefit of melatonin in the body is that it helps reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis better known as ALS and Parkinson’s diseases. The diseases are slow as the progress and tend to deprive you of sleep but melatonin is able to help in such instances. Melantonin in the body surely reduces other symptoms that may be intensified by Parkinson’s or ALS diseases.

In addition to the above these diseases are also assisted by the melatonin in the body. High blood pressure as it helps regulate the pressure of the blood ensuring that it’s normal therefore protecting the heart. The benefit of melatonin in the body is also to treat stomach acid reflux that is at times defined with the feeling of heartburn. Melatonin also aids in promoting fertility to both men and women. It is also known to be of great significance to cancer patients and prevents the growth of new cancer cell. To prevent complications after organ transplant using melatonin will ensure that there won’t be any.

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