Simplest Ways To Pass Urine Drug Test And Buy Weed Detox Kit

Even though it is most common and used for various testing purposes, urine test has always been controversial. The first and foremost reason for that is because it cannot determine the number of substances, but it can test positive, which will not tell anything about the history of using.

If you have in mind that weed stays in your system for a few months, in case that you are a chronic user or a few weeks, in fact, that you use it sometimes, a urine test is not relevant in real time. But it can provide an idea that an individual abused something in the past.

There are numerous ways to pass a urine test, especially when it comes to cannabis cleanse. The main question people are asking nowadays is where can I buy a detox kit for weed.

The detox kit is one part of the story, but you have a wide array of possibilities when it comes to cleansing your urine and passing a drug test on short notice.

Dilute Urine Specimen

The best way to dilute a urine specimen is by increasing the water intake before the test starts. The primary goal is to improve the average water content of urine which will minimize the visible amount of drugs in urine.

If you’re conducting the test in laboratories, they have specific cut-off points, which even if they detect the drug, the test will not be positive, because of a little content. You have to consume excessive amounts of fluids before the test, and your urine will become diluted.

People can abuse this intentionally or unintentionally, which will ultimately lead to low drug ratio in urine. The main problem is that you will still have risks of getting a positive result, and if you do it in the laboratory, they will notice that you’ve diluted it.

Another way to dilute your urine is by adding pure water directly into the sample. This is the reason why most laboratories add dye to toilets as well as shut off faucets. That way, they can quickly detect everything you did.

You Can Substitute Your Urine

One of the most common methods for cheating a drug test that features the most prominent success rate is substituting your urine. One of the possibilities is that you can get a urine sample from someone else, a donor that is not using anything so that you can get a positive result afterward.

Another solution is to purchase synthetic urine or concentrate as a substitute. Powdered urine comes in packets, and you have to prepare it with water if you want to get the sample that completely resembles natural urine. You can check latest news on synthetic urine by clicking here.

The main problem in urine substitution is that you have to keep it at the correct temperature. As soon as you go in the toilet, you will notice that the urine is hot, which means that if you use a cold sample, they will immediately see that something is wrong. Therefore, you can purchase chemical pocket warmers, which is a standard solution for people who want to keep hidden urine warm.

You Can Adultery A Sample

You can easily tamper with a urine sample by adding certain chemicals that will mask the presence of drugs. At the same time, these chemicals will interfere with laboratory equipment which will raise the success rate.

On the other hand, some laboratories conduct tests to see whether someone used these chemicals, and they will flag you as adulterated, so you will have to repeat or get punished for it. Enter this website: to see how labs are catching cheaters nowadays.

Ways Cheaters Get Caught

  • The Laboratory – Most labs have methods of detecting that you’ve cheated your urine sample or tampered with someone else. If you decide to alter your urine sample or change the concentration of drugs, some labs will know these techniques too and try to get you caught. New technology has brought us to the point where labs can detect samples that we altered.
  • At the Collection Site – Even though lab technology can easily detect cheating attempts, the risk for getting caught exists at urine specimen collection site. It doesn’t matter whether it is on a job site or at a clinic. For instance, donors have to present photo identification, wash their hands before entering the room which will reduce the risk of smuggling anything on their hands. They won’t be able to get in the bathroom with bags, purses, totes and other objects.
  • Using Onsite Testing – Onsite specimen collection is the most effective way to caught cheaters and to get caught. Most companies decide to hire trained Drug Test Technician, who will visit a manufacturing plant, warehouse, offices and other areas where you work at. In case of an on-site collection, you will have to get the report to DTT, and conduct test immediately without the possibility to go anywhere else.