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Reasons Why You Must Utilize SMS Based Marketing for Your Business

According to statistics, a person sends about 20 SMS messages per day on average. Still on point, it is a proven fact that people redeem their text-based marketing messages at least seven times in comparison to the rate at which they redeem email based calls to action. In simple terms, your business can take advantage of business SMS service to complement other methods of marketing for better results. Factually, SMS based marketing coupled with email based marketing provides a very robust communication stream that can produce positive results in any marketing campaign.

If you do not have any other reason, you should use text alert services because it is very effective. Factually, the rate at which people open text message offers stand at 98% while that of those who open email based offers stand at 22%. A text is often read within minutes upon delivery, thus making it a very effective marketing and promotion channel especially when you have same-day promotions and flash sales, compared to situations where an email can remain unopened for several days.

The second advantage of SMS based marketing is the ability to reach a willing and interested audience. More often than not, a consumer will provide their mobile number to specific brands because they have chosen to do so, which is not always the case with random email subscriptions. Potential clients get to limit themselves to specific brands that they are genuinely interested in when opting to provide their mobile numbers.

The third reason why you must use text alert services is so you can create the much-needed buzz and conversation surrounding your brand. Compared to email marketing which is often a one-way communication, your target audience can actually be able to reply to a text promotion and engage with your business through an SMS dialogue. No doubt business SMS services will ensure you engage your target audiences fully, a rare opportunity when it comes to email marketing.

For you to be relevant in this 21st century as a marketer, you must go with the trend and be where your target consumers are. Of course you know by now that your target audiences are mobile. SMS services are quite popular today more than ever before, hence provides the best chance to create the much-needed buzz. Having said that, mass marketing can only be successful when you know what you are doing, and actually ensure the messages reach their destination on time. Thanks to technological advancements, you can check out online texting service for reliable, real-time mass texting that will ensure your messages are delivered to their target audience on time.

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